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Ideas from last night

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In conversation with Vinay, Nishanth and Malavika about:


Network effects


  1. Statistics in India – GDP – GVA – comparisons
  2. The role of competition regulators with respect to data + payment infra
  3. Wtf is a consent layer anyway + default bias
  4. Status quo bias in a regulator – how impact
  5. Internet exceptionalism – good or bad
  6. PSNR int law for data?
  7. Valuation of market for intangibles and network effects leading to
  8. Valuation of data by an individual/licensing of data by an individual, leading to
  9. Data as an asset  – whom
  10. Ownership of 2nd rung of data (metadata ++)
  11. Data as a market – problems of duplicability, non-fungibility
  12. Trading in my data – how
  13. Computational complexity as a means to end first principles thinking


(P.S. Image from http://www.kinesisinc.com/using-networks-to-grow-your-business/)

#TIL: Elon Musk & SpaceX + Culture Ships & Iain Banks = Interesting Times Gang

Today I learnt that Elon Musk (in his capacity as the CEO / CTO of SpaceX) paid homage to Iain Banks, a science fiction writer, by naming two autonomous spaceport drone ships for the company’s flagship Falcon 9 rocket,  after characters from Iain Bank’s popular ‘Culture‘ series (A world with advanced AI intelligences living in the post-material-scarcity Milky Way) . SpaceX, as per its website “designs, manufactures and launches advanced rockets and spacecraft.” One of the company’s goals is to enable people to live on other planets.

Funnily enough, I’ve read a number of the Culture novels, but the ones I remember vividly are “Player of Games” and “Excession“; both had feminist/ gendered narratives as undertones, and both relied quite extensively on the Culture’s AI ships as a tool to question the role of humanity in a post-scarcity society. I loved the Culture series, briefly considered getting some T-shirts made with the ship’s names printed on them, and then moved on to Hannu Rajamiemi’s Quantum Thief series, which I can’t be certain I’ve understood at all.

In any case, Strange Horizons (a magazine of and about speculative fiction and related nonfiction) on 22 June 2015, published a superb post by Karen Burnham on space in science-fiction evolving with IRL space-exploration trajectory and its impact on post-scarcity thought in SF, and as I eagerly devoured it on a Saturday morning, when the world is ripe with possibility, I discovered that Elon Musk/ Space X had named two of the ships for sentient AI behemoths from ‘The Player of Games’. It was a lovely moment!

Just Read The Instructions Of Course I Still Love You“Just Read the Instructions”  – floating platform No.1 has already participated in one rocket-landing test for Falcon 9 on January 10, 2015, (unfortunately, without success) and more are likely to happen. Similarly, a second floating platform is being built, and as you’ve seen, it will be named “Of course I love you”. Isn’t this the best tribute to Iain Banks ever? Of course, if I had to pick a name, it would’ve been the ‘Excession’ classic, GSV class, ‘Anticipation of a New Lover’s Arrival, The’.

My favourite is

GCU class is mainly a peacetime model, phew.

Phew, copyright!

Cover Image of Player of Games (author: Iain Banks), by artist Mark Sulowski, taken from here: http://www.hypercastle.com/blog/the-player-of-games-by-iain-m-banks/

So there you go, #TIL.

(This cover of the book was created by artist Mark Salwowski, whose website has his copyright terms clearly stated. I’m using his image here because I think its covered under ‘fair use’ but please make sure you seek permission from him if you use this image/work for any other purpose that is not likely to be fair use. The link to the image in his Gallery is here. )

(On a different note, this is the kind of cover image that’d make me reach out and buy a book, no questions asked. As I shift all of my reading to the Kindle these days, I’m sad that cover image art might be a neglected art.