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Ideas from last night

(or, moving everything discussed over Old Monk to here)

In conversation with Vinay, Nishanth and Malavika about:


Network effects


  1. Statistics in India – GDP – GVA – comparisons
  2. The role of competition regulators with respect to data + payment infra
  3. Wtf is a consent layer anyway + default bias
  4. Status quo bias in a regulator – how impact
  5. Internet exceptionalism – good or bad
  6. PSNR int law for data?
  7. Valuation of market for intangibles and network effects leading to
  8. Valuation of data by an individual/licensing of data by an individual, leading to
  9. Data as an asset  – whom
  10. Ownership of 2nd rung of data (metadata ++)
  11. Data as a market – problems of duplicability, non-fungibility
  12. Trading in my data – how
  13. Computational complexity as a means to end first principles thinking


(P.S. Image from http://www.kinesisinc.com/using-networks-to-grow-your-business/)