Successes, Failures and WIPs

I have tried many things and some have worked. Here is an incomplete list, be gentle.

Failed Ideas:

  • Basic Structure – a noob-friendly podcast read of the Indian Constitution (2017)  – -> It took too much of my time and truth be told, I was too stiff and earnest on the podcast.
  • The Pettai Rap Basket of Goods Inflation Tracker with @beamboybeamboy (Dec 2016)  – – > We gave up, I don’t know why. Its nearly done though, so we may come back to it.
  • HasParlAdjYet – an expert, objective, live-tweeting of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha with @ (2016) – -> We all had to go back to day jobs that required our attention.
  • A crowdsourced co-ordination tool thingy (esp for disaster/rescue/relief) with ChennaiRains Team (Dec 2015) – -> I couldn’t co-ordinate schedules well enough with the others needed to finish this. Then, we all lost interest.

In Progress: 

A chrome extension that gives some gyan about a different provision of the Indian Constitution every time you open a new tab. Inspired by Tabby Cat.


  • Presentation: How to fix India’s Ease of Doing Business Through a Horizontal Intervention (tl;dr fix the courts) (2015) – – > Part of a project at Takshashila Institute of Public Policy, me and a couple of team members wrote to the Rajya Sabha Committee on Ease of Doing Business and offered to present our ideas to them. They accepted, we made an excellent case for certain reforms. We clicked pictures  of ourselves inside Parliament. Nothing has happened regarding the reforms, but the experience remains a wonderful memory.
  • For many years now I have written in a personal blog. It is an enjoyable experience and I count the continued existence of the blog as a personal victory.