Community Library – Bengaluru

Hello my name is Sowmya and I have too many books.

chorus of internet voices: *hi sowmya thanks for sharing your story with us*

I’d love to loan you a book – but there’s massive information asymmetry here. You don’t know what I have, and I don’t know what you want. To my mind, this is an annoying but solvable problem – and, magic words, it can work at scale!

It all started with this:

With the help of smart and community-oriented folks, we debated this for a week or so – and then set up:

Our approach to the idea of sharing all of our books seemed really simple in hindsight – it took multiple painful group DM conversations to get there (note, wow do DMs suck for such conversations – but moving to slack is such a pain if everyone doesn’t have it)

  1. We list our books
  2. We let people borrow them
  3. We use Dunzo as a pickup option / or physically if logistics permits
  4. We run on trust – so no money, no fees – just be kind to the books
  5. We find someway to ensure everyone knows the available/not status of each book in our repository

And tada:


Why don’t you join us? Or run something similar in your city / geography? Ping me, or @arvindv or @captn3m0  to know more.

  1. How to borrow: Find the name of the person who added it to the “available” shelf on Goodreads, and drop them a message. They’ll let you know what to do next.
  2. I have books that I’d like to add: If you’re okay with the logistics of other readers dropping by to pick up books, here’s what you do:
    1. Make sure you have a goodreads account and are logged in
    2. Join the Group:…
    3. Add the books you’re willing to lend to the “available” bookshelf.
WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR ALL THESE BOOKS AREN’T GOING TO READ THEMSELVES ❤ #community #share #shareeconomy #library #libraries

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