50 of the best articles I read in 2016

The list is in no particular order but my favourite ones are starred**

**A flawed policy: The real problem with demonetisation is not just in implementation 
This government’s modus operandi is constant distraction | The Indian Express
The story of how the Internet came to India: An insider’s account – News18
**Talk Nerdy To Me | Tin House
**Interview With a Woman Who Recently Had an Abortion at 32 Weeks
**Calypso cricket, made in Afghanistan | Cricking
Inside the Artificial Universe That Creates Itself – The Atlantic
The Rise of Twitter Bots – The New Yorker
The Innocent Man, Part One 


Ruth Bader Ginsburg appeared before the Senate Judiciary Committee for her Supreme Court nomination hearings in 1993.

Taken from the Guardian article linked here

“‘The book appeared in Canada in the fall of 1985 to baffled and sometimes anxious reviews’ … the English National Opera production of The Handmaid’s Tale, 2003” Photograph: Tristram Kenton


You can find the entire list as a webpage link here.
(p.s. onetab is awesome)

Are you part of any mailing lists where super non-bubble type stuff is shared? Sans commentary? I’d love to be added! Tell me what you thought of these links?

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