Ideas from last night

(or, moving everything discussed over Old Monk to here)

In conversation with Vinay, Nishanth and Malavika about:


Network effects


  1. Statistics in India – GDP – GVA – comparisons
  2. The role of competition regulators with respect to data + payment infra
  3. Wtf is a consent layer anyway + default bias
  4. Status quo bias in a regulator – how impact
  5. Internet exceptionalism – good or bad
  6. PSNR int law for data?
  7. Valuation of market for intangibles and network effects leading to
  8. Valuation of data by an individual/licensing of data by an individual, leading to
  9. Data as an asset  – whom
  10. Ownership of 2nd rung of data (metadata ++)
  11. Data as a market – problems of duplicability, non-fungibility
  12. Trading in my data – how
  13. Computational complexity as a means to end first principles thinking


(P.S. Image from


  1. Sumanth

    Naice! This might be a bit astray from your ER diagrams, but if you haven’t already, you should give Protocol by Alexander Galloway a read. Picks on very interesting similarities between network and cultural topologies.


    • Sowmya Rao

      Interesting, I was going to add Barbara Van Schweick’s Internet Architecture and Innovation to my list of reads on this, but will add your recco too! How did you chance upon my blog, if you don’t mind my asking?


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